April 14, 2023 2 min read

A pink diamond. You don't see that everyday, do you?

Pink diamonds aren't regular diamonds laced with artificial coloring. These are actually some of the rarest diamond pieces to ever exist in the world, taking up only 1% in the global diamond trade. 

Their pinkish hue is born out of the intense heat and pressure from being buried underground for hundreds of years. Most diamonds would break and turn to graphite when subjected to these conditions, and that's why pink diamonds maintain their high demand.

Their appeal in the international market is so exclusive that you only see A-list celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Victoria Beckham and Blake Lively wear these gems. And that's mostly because pink diamonds today are now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!

But as a brand that’s focused on making affordable jewelry for women all over the world, why would we be talking to you about expensive pink diamonds?

Well, you guessed it right.

We figured out how to to recreate pink manmade diamonds in our labs.

Our new pink collection is made with the same love and care as our original gems. However, we managed to push the limits of our skill to finally perfect that beautiful, rosy glow that you see in mined pink diamonds.

The collection is made up of pink versions of classic tennis jewelry designs, namely the Tennis Necklace, Tennis BraceletDiamond Earrings and Eternity Ring

These four have been customer favorites ever since their introduction, now they’re available to you in a new color scheme that perfectly encapsulates the meaning (and look) of self-love, intense passion, and sassy creativity. 

All of these will have brilliant, round cut diamonds that are sure to shoot pink sparkles wherever you go!

So as you’re reading this and thinking about whether or not you need another gem in your collection, try to see yourself wearing these rare and gorgeous pink gems.

Don’t worry about “buying on impulse”, those usually end up being the best treats!


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