Copy of Jewelry Size Chart

ROSCE measurements follow the standard jewelry metrics. We do not make bespoke sizes and lengths.

6.5" - Wrist size of 6.5" and below
7.5" - Wrist size of 7.5" and below
Adjustable - Wrist size of 9" and below


16"- At throat 
18"- At collarbone
20"- A few inches below collarbone
22"- At or above neckline



It is important to consider your height when selecting necklace length. Too long of a necklace may overwhelm a petite frame, whereas too short of a necklace may be lost on a more statuesque figure.


1. Get a piece of string and wrap it around your finger in a comfortable fit
2. Mark the string to get the circumference (in mm/cm)
3. Lay the string against a ruler to measure the circumference (in mm/cm)
4. Using the chart below, choose the ring size that is closest to your circumference