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March 04, 2021 2 min read

Women are very influential, not just to the world, but for the lives of each and everyone of us.  

This month on the 8th of March, we celebrate an important day for women. Not only are we celebrating prominent political, cultural and social female figures but also those who are merely fighting everyday to survive. Women who are in our lives. From our Moms, Wives, Daughters, Girlfriends, there are women in our lives who have contributed to who we are now. To show our gratitude and appreciation, it is only right to give them something that they can treasure forever as a symbol of our love.

Diamonds are the perfect gifts. Diamonds harden, become shiny and reach their fullest potential under extreme pressure - what a beautiful metaphor to describe women. Women flourish and become more powerful from life experiences and hardships. 

Let's celebrate them by giving them gifts that stand the test of time. Take a look at ROSCE Jeweler's Collection of jewelry pieces that are luxurious yet affordable. 

From Bracelets to Rings, these jewelry  can show our love and appreciation for the special women who are dear to our hearts. 

What better way to show our love for someone than by giving them a ring. Rings symbolize love and ROSCE has a classic collection that helps us express how we feel. 

The Zurie Eternity Diamond Ring for example, says it all. It can be a symbol of our eternal love for someone beautiful and strong. A perfect appreciation gift for wives, girlfriends and life partners. 

We can also lean towards giving a gift to honor our relationship with someone. For this, a tennis bracelet is the perfect gift. We can treat ourselves as a reminder of our relationship with life or we can gift to someone who shaped who we are today. Take a look at Athena 4-Prong Diamond Bracelet or Hariette Princess Diamond Bracelet.

As the saying goes, women multiply anything given to her. Give the women in your life Empowerment, Encouragement and Love - and see how they transform the world!

Take pause today. Love yourself, be grateful for being you and thank you for joining us in honouring women around the world. 



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