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June 15, 2012 2 min read

A Guide To Diamond Shapes

A diamond’s shape refers to its physical form and each diamond shape is very different, possessing unique characteristics. Even though shape is not a part of the 4C criterias of a diamond, this element will have an impact on the appearance of your diamond. Since each diamond shape is cut to different specifications, they reflect light differently, giving each shape a unique fire and brilliance.


The round cut is the most popular diamond shape. Due to the mechanics of its shape, the round diamond is generally superior to fancy shapes at the proper reflection of light, maximizing potential brightness.

After round cut, princess cut is the next most preferred shape. A favorite for engagement rings, princess cut has pointed corners that reflect light well and is square in shape. The ideal length-to-width ratios are between 1 and 1.05 with 90-degree corners.


Emerald cut is rectangular in shape and is distinguished by its’ beveled corners and step facets. This type of cut produces a hall-of-mirrors effect, with the interplay of light and dark planes.

Asscher cut utilizes manyof the same cutting techniques as the emerald cut. What sets asscher cut apart is their uniquely angled and cropped corners producing more brilliance.

The cushion cut combines a square cut with rounded corners, much like a pillow. Cushion cut tends to have impeccable brilliance and clarity in their appearance which can be attributed to their rounded corners and larger facets.

Featuring an elongated, curved shape and pointed ends, a marquise cut can maximize carat weight, giving you a much larger-looking diamond. Its unique shape creates the effect of longer, more slender fingers and hands.

Exuding elegance, the pear cut (also referred to as teardrop) is cut to resemble a drop of water with a single point and rounded end. The result is a cross between a round and marquise cut.

Possessing the similar fire and brilliance to the round cut, oval cut has the added advantage of an elongated shape, which can create the illusion of greater size.

Living up to its name, the heart cut has become synonymous with love and affection, making it an excellent choice for an anniversary or engagement ring.

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