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May 08, 2015 2 min read

How To Build Your Own Jewelry Collection

Too often people buy jewelry and never wear it. But the truth is any fine jewelry can be everyday jewelry. Here are four tips on how to build your dream jewelry collection.


1. Classic never goes out of style.

You can never go wrong with classics. A sleek bracelet, a delicate pendant necklace, a solitaire ring – these are all things you will never regret adding to your collection. They are staples that you can easily mix and match with. Wear them with any outfit, any season.


2. Start with the basics.

Diamond studs, hoop earrings, stackable rings to name but a few! Building your collection of basics creates a great foundation for adding other accent pieces like colored gemstones. Buy only what you will wear.


3. Invest in quality.

Platinum and solid gold are awesome. But, not everyone wants to hundreds or thousands of dollars for every piece of jewelry in their collections. Vermeil jewelry is the trend now, it is .925 sterling silver expertly plated with a fine layer of gold - quality uncompromised and comes at a much cheaper price too!


4. Steer clear of colors that may compete with your wardrobe.

A classic bracelet makes your outfit look polished and pulled together with minimal effort. We recommend a clean design with a metal bracelet which is a reliable everyday piece that feels professional in the office and not too stuffy for off-work days. To help you decide whether you should invest in white, yellow or rose gold colors, refer to your favorite handbag’s color. If your tote has gold hardware, opt for a gold bracelet. If your satchel is covered in silver-brushed studs, go for white gold. Regardless of which color you choose, ensure that your bracelet fits you comfortably. You do not want it to be too loose or too tight.

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