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April 17, 2021 2 min read

They say lucky are those born in the month of April for their birthstone, "Diamond", signifies strength and endless love. 

Beautiful and Luxurious came to mind when we talk diamonds. Natural, mined diamonds are expensive but not ROSCE manmade diamonds! ROSCE Jewelers is formed with the mission to challenge "overpriced fine jewelry" by producing super affordable manmade diamonds under $100 with an unmatched premium quality. ROSCE make diamonds affordable and accessible for women worldwide. 

Diamonds' natural mineral hardness and sparkling beautiful transformation from a piece of coal to a brilliant gem after overcoming high pressure is the epitome of strength and power. Their sparkling appearance and common perception as sentimental, valuable gifts make them highly popular.

Tennis Bracelet, for instance, is a very classic yet elegant style of jewelry studded entirely with diamonds. White gold vermeil tennis bracelet is popular among the 50 and above consumers, while the trendier colors of gold and rose gold are popular among the younger crowd.

Take a look at these bracelets that will look special however they are worn and can highlight this special month for sure.

Monette 4-Prong Diamond Bracelet
Vivere 3-Prong Diamond Bracelet

If you are thinking to get something to match your tennis bracelet, you will never go wrong with ROSCE manmade diamond studs. It is definitely your perfect all-day accessory and can instantly draw attention to your face and overall OOTD.

Giovanni 4-Prong Diamond Earrings
Novena 3-Prong Diamond Earrings

ROSCE tennis bracelets are priced at $98 while ROSCE diamond studs are only $65. At approximately $160, you get the most luxurious jewelry to cater to all your different outfits. They say money can’t buy happiness. Well, if that’s true, then how would they explain ROSCE diamonds? 


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