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June 03, 2021 1 min read

It's the beginning of PRIDE month. To the team at ROSCE, this means more than a month of rainbows. We celebrate love, now and always. There is nothing we love more than to see our ROSCE family express their love.

For sure, there will be the annual virtual Pride parades which we can join (for example, the famous event hosted by Google) or you can throw a virtual pride party on your own. We do not have to go out, it's better to play safe!

Inclusion makes us stronger! Make ourselves sparkle and be seen not just by the glitters and colors of Pride month but also by wearing sparkly tennis bracelets with gemstones and diamonds. Any situation is a chance to wear vibrant colors and slay the day, you are a Diamond Diva! 

Red for life, Green for Nature and Blue for serenity. These are part of the colors of Pride Month and Rosce Jewelers got you covered. You can either wear our tennis bracelets individually or you can stack it up for a more gorgeous look. 

Take a look at the Aurelie Gemstone Tennis Bracelets which have solid gemstones of RubySapphire and Emerald.


Next is our Estrelle Gemstone Tennis Bracelets which also comes in RubySapphire and Emerald but is combined with clear white diamonds. 

We should all stand together for things that we believe in no matter how hard or how many obstacles we may face. We should always be kind. Stop the hate right now... because love is love, however we choose to represent it. :)


We are proud of our ROSCE family. Put on some diamonds and let the Real Glow show. Happy Pride Month! 

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