September 15, 2019 2 min read

How To Pack Your Jewelry When Travelling

A simple rule to start with when packing your jewelry is to leave any irreplaceable pieces that you would worry about losing at home, only bring the pieces you wear and reach for every day. If you’re packing a couple of pieces for your trip, a small jewelry box will keep your precious pieces organised while on the move. The size of the box will also ensure you don’t bring your full jewelry collection. If you only have a couple of pieces to pack, small fabric or ziplock bags will do the trick. Keep a couple of extra ziplock plastic bags in your case, they come in handy for travelling and can be used for almost anything! Storing your jeweling in airtight bags will also minimise any tarnishing that can happen on our plated pieces.

Necklaces can tangle themselves into a hot mess when they are sitting stationary at home, and it only gets worse when travelling! Always pack your necklaces separately when travelling to reduce tangling. Our top tip to reduce tangling is to pop the piece into a fabric or plastic zip lock bag and let a small part of the chain drape outside the bag. This is a tip we use everyday in studio to reduce tangling. Another tip for ensuring your necklaces don’t tangle while travelling is the straw method. Loop one end of the chain through the straw and fasten the clasp. With this method you can be sure that you’ll spend less time untangling necklaces and more time at the beach!

Earrings are a holiday essential, and they are quickest (and easiest) way to dress up a casual outfit for evening drinks. Loose buttons are a brilliant way to keep your earrings under control – use one button per pair of earrings. Pop the earrings through the button hole to keep your gorgeous gems together and pop them into a ziplock bag. If there isn’t any loose buttons lying around the house, a piece of cardboard will do the trick. Cut a piece of cardboard from an old shoebox, punch two holes in it with a pen and pop the earrings through. Store your makeshift earring holder in a zip lock bag to ensure it doesn’t get mistaken for rubbish!

We would always advise that you store rings separately so that the gemstones do not rub or scratch against each other. Keeping your rings in separate silk or plastic bags is the best way to keep your pieces safe. We always recommend taking extra care when wearing jewelry on holidays.

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