July 10, 2018 2 min read

How To Style Tennis Jewelry (Necklace)

Jewelry is one of those categories that often requires a lot of rationalization, particularly if you’re investing in expensive pieces. Diamonds, gemstones and precious metals come at a serious cost and, for most, splurging on a trendy style is not always super feasible or even practical. So, when shopping for a new piece of jewelry, the classics are typically the way to go. Whether you’re the type to pile on the jewelry or pare it back to just the essentials, classic pieces will work for you regardless. Even if you tend bold and eccentric with your baubles, it’s impossible to resist a versatile pair of classic studs, refined rings or a delicate necklace as they complement and balance out even the most brazen of styles. While each of these trinkets is more than enough for dainty tastes on a daily basis, they’re just as remarkable when layered with statement pieces and can actually ground a more experimental look.

Worn alone (daily or office casual OOTD). White gold necklaces are classic and go well with most outfits. This instant game changer has the power to completely transform an outfit with a simple flick of a clasp and will make even the most basic pieces feel more polished and pulled together.

Worn alone (special occasion OOTD). Wear one at your collarbone length if you like a refined and comfortable style. For a fancier vibe, double it up like the style below.

Layered two or three tennis necklaces together. We love a bold tennis necklace, but two or three layered tennis necklaces gives off a more bold and yet classic look. Twist your hair into a bun or brush your hair back into a low ponytail to really highlight their sparkle.

Layered against necklaces in different lengths and styles. Create multiple looks with a versatile layering tennis necklace. Remember to keep the rest of your jewellery minimal. Rings, bracelets, and necklaces… nothing is off limits for stacking potential.

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