November 24, 2018 2 min read

What Your Diamond Shape Says About You? 

Which shape shines the brightest to your eyes?


Known as the shape that shines the best, you are very charming in your own ways but you never aim to outshe others. You put people around you at ease with your winning personality, everyone just loves your quirks. This classic shape does not go out of style - just like your charm! This shape is for the woman who is both a sweet romantic and fun at the party. Celebrity style: Twiggy


A shape that is striking, bold and demands attention. This ring is for the woman who is carefree and independent, you do not conform to societal standards. You are courageous and will take on any battle thrown at you. You approach everything with enthusiasm and optimism, and you are driven to get what you want. You are always up for an adventure, you struggle to do routine tasks and you find movements give you more life. Celebrity style: Madonna


An emerald shape is a classic but not typical round-cut shape. It symbolizes traits such as loyal, unyielding and creative. Needless to say, you leave a little sparkle wherever you go. Loyalty is one of your strongest qualities - your caring nature means that you are always ready to give a helping hand to anyone in need. Even though you are a helper of others, you can be quite introverted. When you throw yourself into a friendship or relationship, you put your all in, making you a great healer to others. You live and breathe creativity, and your imagination is one of the best things about you. Celebrity style: Audrey Hepburn


A tough cookie, you are the best leader out there. You put your vibrancy into improving the lives of everyone around you. When you are in a good place, your confidence will be sky high and you strive to put quality into everything you do. You are known for your ever-striving and ambitious personality. This is your diamond if you like things to be clear, straightforward and symmetrical. Celebrity style: Grace Kelly


You are a social butterfly. For having such a unique shape, the pear is surprisingly versatile. You are energetic and have a wicked sense of humor. Even though you are good at making new friends, you find it hard to stay in relationships. You love reconnecting with your inner child, as creative energy flows through your veins. You are not afraid to be different. Celebrity style: Marilyn Monroe


Cupid’s favorite shape. You are fiercely feminine and your refusal to conform to societal conventions show that you are a rebel. Whilst the thought of the unknown may scare you, you continue to move forward. You are a truly compassionate person and you wear your heart on your sleeve. You can adapt to any situation and care deeply about the people around you, making you a very valuable friend. You find it easy to form attachment to things or people. The longer you keep at something, the more enduring and committed you become. Celebrity style: Elizabeth Taylor

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